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Alfera, Tom: Tom Alfera has been a teacher of English at Reseda High School since 2003. He champions anything that increases student agency, especially when it comes to writing.  He believes that when a student finds her/his own voice it is a triumph of will and determination because so much of our education system is designed to quiesce the voice of students. (Session G-03)

Amir, Tyson: Tyson Amir is the author of the book Black Boy Poems and its curriculum.  He is a 15 year educator with teaching experience in elementary, middle, high school, university, juvenile, jail and prison populations.  (Session B-16)

Bathina, Jyothi : Jyothi Bathina is an Associate Professor of Education at National University. Dr. Bathina has worked with hundreds of underprivileged students in school districts across California conducting literacy projects and empowering student voice. (Session E-12)

Brown, Matthew: Matthew Brown taught English for twenty-two years before switching to his current role as a professor in the school of education at The Master’s University. He is a co-director at the Cal State Northridge Writing Project and continues to participate in the California Writing Project. (Session D-03)

Brynelson, Nancy: Nancy Brynelson has been co-director of the CSU Center for the Advancement of Reading and Writing for the last seventeen years. She leads the system of professional learning and curriculum development for the CSU’s Expository Reading and Writing Curriculum (ERWC). She is a 2017 recipient of the CATE Award of Merit and a 2010 inductee into the California Reading Association’s Reading Hall of Fame. (Session B-11)

Burke, Jim: Jim Burke has taught English at Burlingame High School for over twenty-five years and is the author of over twenty-five books, his most recent being The Six Academic Writing Assignments (Heinemann). He is the recipient of the CATE Distinguished Servicer Award and founder of the English Companion Ning. (Session D-02)

Campbell, Lori: Lori Campbell has been teaching English for 28 years with the last 3 spent in a fully online environment. She has recently received her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a certificate in reading literacy. (Session E-03)

The CATE Membership Committee Members: Joan Williams, Gina Vattuone, Carol Battle, Julie Paulsen, Kim Flachmann, Kathy Nichols, and Carol Surabian are all teachers on the CATE Membership Committee. (Session F-04)

Chadwick, Dr. Fran: Fran Chadwick serves as the Project Director for Literacy and the Law:  Mock Trials to Meet the Common Core, through the Division of Community Engagement at California State University, San Marcos.  She taught at CSU, San Marcos as an associate professor of history/social science methods with the School of Education after serving as a classroom teacher and administrator. (Session B-08)

Christensen, Lisa: Lisa Christensen has been an educator for fifteen years. She has taught elementary and middle school, both in California and internationally. She currently serves as the Language Arts Specialist at Jane Addams Middle School in Lawndale. She recently completed her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at the University of Southern California where her dissertation research focused on teacher evaluation policy.  (Session D-07)

Clarke, David: David Clarke has been a teacher for nineteen years, the last fifteen at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino. He has taught AVID, American History, Yearbook, and a wide variety of English classes from Sheltered Freshman Literature and Remedial Reading to AP Literature, and has been the English Department Chair for the past seven years. (Session A-10)

Cohen, Cynthia: Cynthia Cohen has taught at the high school and college levels for the last twenty years. She has a PhD in education from SUNY Buffalo; a MA in English from the University of London; and a BA in history from Yale. She recently published a book on dialogic pedagogy. (Session D-04)

Craggs, Monica : Monica Craggs has been teaching at Pioneer High School in the Woodland Joint Unified School District since 2009 and has served as department chair for the last five years. Focused on educational equity, Monica aims to incorporate culturally relevant practices and texts into her instruction while supporting students’ academic and socio-emotional growth. (Session B-06)

Crawford, Kara: Kara Crawford has been teaching secondary and middle school for twenty-seven years.  She has taught grades 8-12 and has served as an administrator over the past twenty years at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla where she is currently teaching in the Middle School. (Session A-09)

Creger, John: John Creger has been learning from sophomores at American High School  since 1988 when, following an intuition to provide his students what was missing for him in his own high school education, he invented the Personal Creed Project, now the subject of an NCTE award and a Heinemann book.  (Session A-04)

Dash, Jill: Jill Dash is an English teacher, Assistant Department Chair, and esrtwhile Latin teacher at Viewpoint School in Calabasas, where she has worked since 2008. Before moving to Southern California, she taught at a small independent school in Boston.  (Session B-14)

Davis, Lori: Lori Davis has over twenty years teaching experience. Currently, she is at Xavier College Preparatory High School, where she has directed the ShookFoil Poetry Reading Series and open mic events for the past ten years. (Session B-09)

Dewar, Tim: Tim Dewar is Director of the South Coast Writing Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he teaches undergradudates, credential candidates, and graduate students.  He draws upon his experience as a secondary English language arts teacher, research, and, most importantly, the expertise of writing project teachers. (Session A-05)

Dunstan, Angus: Angus Dunstan dropped out of high school, completed his BA through the Open University in the UK. He spent many happy years as co-director of the South Coast Writing Project, taught pre-service high school and elementary teachers at Sacramento State, and now provides free day care to his grandson. (Session G-02)

Duran, Carissa: Carissa Duran has taught for six years, the last five at Del Lago Academy in Escondido, where she is presently serving as a Teacher on Special Assignment for ELD, Literacy, Testing, and Educational Technology. She is a champion of the advancement of justice in the public education system and, inspired by last year’s conference, is presenting at CATE for the first time. (Session A-11)

Earnshaw, Erin: Erin Earnshaw has been teaching middle school for ten years in the Bay Area. She has experience teaching all four subject areas, but her main focus has been in 8th grade English/History. She recently relocated to a rural school in the foothills. (Session C-13)

Ehsanipour, Tina: Tina Ehsanipour is a National Board Certified English teacher with sixteen years of teaching and coaching experience in Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City schools. She currently teaches at Eastside College Prep and is a PD Associate and Instructional English Coach in the Stanford Hollyhock Fellowship Program.  (Session A-07)

Escobar, Jennifer: Jennifer Escobar has been teaching at the community college level for four years; previously, she taught high school for ten years. In addition to teaching, she currently serves as a liaison between English instructors in two K12 districts and Moreno Valley College. (Session E-16)

Fletcher, Jennifer: Jennifer Fletcher is a Professor of English at Cal State Monterey Bay and a former high school teacher. She is the author of Teaching Arguments (Stenhouse 2015),  Teaching Literature Rhetorically (Stenhouse 2018) and a co-editor of Fostering Habits of Mind in Today’s Students (Stylus 2015). (Session B-11, D-01)

Forster, Douglas: Douglas Forster has been teaching English as a foreign language and media literacy in Japan since 1990. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at Japan Women’s University in Tokyo where he has taught since 1997.  (Session B-07, E-07)

Franks, Julia: Julia Franks is a multi-award winning novelist (, veteran educator, and advocate for reading choice in the classroom. She founded the social reading application, a purpose-driven company created to help teachers incorporate personalized reading into their classrooms while saving them precious time. (Session B-12)

Gardner, Amanda: Amanda Gardner started her twenty-year high school English teaching at El Dorado Unified High School District, was a recipient of the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program.  She paused her teaching in Nevada’s Clark County School District to pursue a PhD in Curriculum & Teaching at Baylor University. Her current research focuses on the potential of cinematic virtual reality as augmented curriculum in the high school English classroom. (Session C-08, F-06)

Goldman, Amy: Amy Goldman has been teaching at River City High School for 16 years.  She is teaches AP Language and Creative Writing.   (Session D-11)

González, Rubén : Rubén González teaches English and AVID at Florin High School in Sacramento, California. He is also a teacher-activist/organizer, holding leadership positions within the Association of Raza Educators (ARE) Sacramento, and Ethnic Studies Now (ESN) Elk Grove and Sacramento. (Session A-15)

Guy, Jacqueline: Jacqueline Guy is currently her school’s Coordinator of English Language Arts. She supports the implementation of CA Standards and Frameworks for all grade levels, oversees professional learning, and assists in development, implementation and evaluation of curriculum and instruction in English Language Arts TK-12 for Irvine Unified. (Session C-05)

Hamilton-Bunch, Jill: Jill Hamilton-Bunch prepares teachers for work in the Central Valley.  Her background is in the area of literacy and language. (Session G-01)

Handling, Jamie: Jamie Handling has been teaching high school English since 1999. She has taught in Georgia, Arizona, and California, which gives her a unique perspective on education across the country. (Session G-05)

Harmelin, Elizabeth: Elizabeth Harmelin has been teaching for nine years and learns something new everyday. She has taught grades 9-12 from ELD to AP. She loves participating in the CATE conference and this is her first time presenting. (Session E-06)

Harrison, Vicki: Vicki Harrison has been teaching for some thirty years, first as a professor at UC Santa Barbara and then as a high school English teacher, where she discovered her love of teaching the whole person. Vicki currently chairs the English department at Notre Dame High School in San Jose, a school fully committed to young women’s education for justice and leadership. (Session F-12)

Hicks, Troy: Troy Hicks is a professor of English and education at Central Michigan University. He directs both the Chippewa River Writing Project and the Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree program. A former middle school teacher, Dr. Hicks has authored numerous books, articles, chapters, blog posts, and other resources broadly related to the teaching of literacy in our digital age. Follow him on Twitter: @hickstro (Session A-02)

Hillemann, Phoebe: Phoebe Hillemann has been an educator at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) for seven years, where she manages SAAM’s annual week-long summer teacher institutes, Teaching the Humanities through Art, and develops museum-based educational experiences for students and teachers. She has a B.A. in Art History from Kenyon College and an M.S.Ed. in Leadership in Museum Education from Bank Street Graduate School of Education. (Session B-03)

Howerter, Jennifer: Jennifer Howerter, with eight years of teaching experience, is currently a consultant for the California Department of Education, focusing on information and secondary literacy, social emotional learning, as well as supporting efforts in global education.  (Session A-03)

Ilko, Janet: Janet Ilko has been teaching in San Diego for the past thirty-one years, most recently at Health Sciences High School, where she is currently manager of the 9-12 Independent Study program and an EL support teacher. Dr. Ilko’s research and practice focuses on equity and access to high quality instruction for all students. (Session E-10)

Jackson*, Kate: Kate Jackson has been a teacher at the secondary level for the last fourteen years and has served as a teacher on assignment at the Corona-Norco Unified School District for the last five years.  She has taught all grades at the secondary level, but most of her experience is in grades 9-12.  She has taught general education ELA, honors and film.  She has attended the last five CATE conventions and continues to reaffirm her passion for reading and writing at the secondary level.  She is also the co-producer of CNUSDedchat, a podcast for educators and families.   (Session F-11)

Jacobs, Tina: Tina Jacobs has been teaching English in high school for twenty-three years, the last thirteen at Atwater High School.  She has taught all levels and is also the Academic Decathlon coach. (Session D-12, F-01)

Jago, Carol: Carol Jago has taught middle and high school for over  thirty years and is past president of NCTE. She currently serves on the National Assessment Governing Board and is author of The Book in Question: Why and How Reading is in Crisis (Heinemann 2019). (Session C-06)

James, Elizabeth: Elizabeth James is the co-author of Method to the Madness: A Common Core Guide to Creating Critical Thinkers through the Study of Literature. She is a former IB coordinator and has taught English in Stockton for the past eleven years. (Session E-01)

Johnson, Jennifer: Jen Johnson has been teaching for 20 years, the last three at San Jose State.  Dr. Johnson is an assistant professor of English Education and an undergraduate advisor for students earning their BA in Preparation for Teaching English.  (Session E-09)

Keiller, Trish: Trish Keiller has served in many roles in education over the past twenty-five years–teacher, department head, director and trainer.  She currently consults and supports educators in to enhance social-emotional learning in schools by bringing yoga and mindfulness practices to teachers and students.   (Session A-16, C-01)

Kemen, Sarah : Sarah Kemen has been a middle school educator for ten years. For five years she taught social studies and ELD in Minnesota. She then spent three years as an EL Site Lead and ELD teacher to newcomer students in Los Angeles. For the past two years she has served as the English Learner Instructional Resource Teacher at Jane Addams Middle School.   She has a Master of Arts in ESL.     (Session D-07)

Kinberg, Margot: Margot Kinberg has been in higher education for over thirty years. For the last sixteen years, she has taught at National University, where she teaches and creates a variety of courses, including courses in literacy and in critical thinking. (Session D-03)

Kunnath, Josh: Josh Kunnath has been teaching at Highland High School for the last 11 years, where he teaches English 11 and AP English Language and Composition and serves as the department chair.  He is the managing editor of the Journal of School Administration Research and Development (JSARD) and conducts research in the areas of grading, assessment, and feedback. (Session B-05)

Lewis, Christopher:

Christopher Lewis is a teacher at Mountain View High School in El Monte.  He has taught in the English and Social Science department and was the site AVID Coordinator and Teacher Technology Leader. Dr. Lewis is currently a teacher on Special Assignment supporting English Learners. Chris has presented at a number of conferences including CCSS, CATE, and NCTE.  His research interests include youth adult dystopian fiction, civic engagement, youth voice, and multiliteracies. He is also one of CATE’s representatives on the California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) Committee. (Session D-05, F-10)

Lingenfelter, Jessica: Jessica Lingenfelter is a educator passionate about literacy & books. She has been using YA lit in the classroom for the past fifteen years in order to spark conversations and activism in her students. Last year,  she started a Project LIT site at her middle school where she loves to connect kids to the real life authors they are reading. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from The University of Arizona and a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on K-12 literacy from The University of La Verne. She currently teaches English at Park View Middle School in Yucaipa.  (Session D-16)

Low, David: David Low’s research examines how young people’s multimodal reading and composing practices–particularly through the medium of comics–facilitate enactments of critical literacy around issues or race, class, and gender. He teaches literacy coursework at Fresno State University and was previously a high school ELA teacher.  (Session C-03)

Marsh, Jamie: Jamie Marsh is Assistant Professor of Literacy at Cal State LA where she teaches courses in the Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credential programs and the M.A. in Education, Option in Reading, program. She also studies students as writers in urban K-12 classrooms.   Dr. Marsh has been a teacher for over twenty years. (Session E-13)

Mata, Frank: Frank Mata has been teaching in the Corona-Norco Unified School District for fifteen years, twelve of them at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.  He has taught ERWC, AVID 11, and ELA 11, and he has taught AP English Language & Composition for 10 years.  Frank is a reader/scorer for the AP English exam and is also adjunct faculty at the University of Redlands, teaching Social Justice in Education.   (Session F-02)

McNamara, Katie: Katie McNamara is a Future Ready Teacher Librarian and Google Innovator that loves learning and trying new things to engage, empower, and excite other teachers and students. She serves on her local CATE board a well as presents and organizes local and global events. (Session E-11)

Miller, Ann: Ann Miller has been teaching at Grant Union High School for the last seventeen years where she is one of the 9/10 PLC leaders, ARTS Academy teacher, and an A3WP TC.  She holds a Master’s degree in Arts Integration from Lesley University. (Session F-05)

Miller, Ann: Ann Miller has been teaching at Grant Union High School for 17 years where she is one of the 9/10 PLC lead teachers, an ARTS Academy teacher, and an A3WP TC.  She holds a Master’s in Arts Integration from Lesley University. (Session )

Miller, Ann: Ann Miller has been teaching 17 years at Grant Union High School where she is one of the 9/10 PLC lead teachers, an ARTS Academy teacher, and an A3WP TC.  She holds a Master’s degree in Arts Integration from Lesley University. (Session )

Mitsuse, Rebecca: Rebecca Mitsuse has been teaching sixth-grade in the Los Angeles Unified School District for seventeen years. She has been part of the Thomas Starr King Environmental STEAM Magnet since its establishment seven years ago. She currently teaches English and garden science. (Session B-10)

Moore, Kathleen: Kathy Moore’s passion is literacy, and she serves as a mentor teacher and staff developer throughout the greater Bay Area. Kathy is the Director of Educational Services for the San Ramon Unified School District; she also teaches poetry writing workshops and has been the City of San Ramon’s Poet Laureate since 2012. (Session A-13)

Naumann, Jennifer: Jennifer Naumann has been teaching in the Norwalk LaMirada Unified School District for  thirteen years. She has taught at John Glenn High School and now at Waite Middle School.  She is a UCI Writing Project fellow and has presented at the last three CATE conventions; her session at CATE 2018  was “Graphic Justice: Teaching Social Justice Through Graphic Novels”. (Session B-04)

Nosek, Christina: Christina Nosek is a veteran teacher, staff developer, and author. She finds joy in helping her fellow teachers find practical ways to build a community of readers in their classrooms. (Session E-14)

Orr, Hilary: Hilary Orr has been teaching English at Notre Dame High School for twenty-two years.  For the last ten years, she has been involved with cross-curricular education which has provided a scaffold for Notre Dame’s Education for Justice and Leadership Initiative at the 10th and 11th grade. (Session C-11)

Palombo, Marielle: Marielle Palombo has taught at the K-12 and graduate levels. Dr. Palombo has specialized in K-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment. She currently develops standardized listening lessons for Listenwise as the Director of Curriculum. (Session C-12)

Petty, Kate: Kate Petty has been both a secondary English teacher and district administrator for over fifteen years. Currently she works with EdTechTeam as educators discover the best ways to engage students in this world of technology and content. (Session G-06)

Pfaff, Nicole: Nicole Pfaff has been a classroom teacher for twelve years, the last seven at Notre Dame High School, where she has developed, refined, and taught curriculum at the sophomore and senior levels.  She is particularly interested in the incorporating  experiential learning and project-based learning into her classroom. She is currently pursuing her National Board Certification, and presented at CATE with one of her colleagues last year. (Session D-08)

Phillips, Heather : Heather Phillips, Director of Literacy for Irvine Unified, oversees English Language Arts and History Social Science for the TK-12 district.  Prior to her current role, she was the Coordinator of Social Science.  Heather has also been a site administrator, opening one of Irvine s newest K-6 schools (Portola Springs Elementary), as well as servi (Session C-05)

Pledger, Michelle Sadrena: Michelle Sadrena Clark has over fifteen years of classroom teaching experience. Her work at the Center for Research on Equity and Innovation at High Tech High’s Graduate School of Education is multifaceted. She is Co-Director of the Share Your Learning Campaign, Project Co-Director of the Deeper Learning Hub, and co-convener of the Equity Deep Dive and Deeper Learning Conference.  (Session C-14)

Quiroz, Laura: Laura Quiroz was previously in the classroom as a high school English teacher, and is now an academic coach for secondary ELA. She has a Master’s Degree in Education with a special certificate in Education Technology.  (Session D-15)

Rankin-Brown, Maria: Maria Rankin-Brown is an English professor with over 20 years of college-teaching experience. She has also taught ESL and communication courses.  (Session C-07)

Reardon, Hunter: Hunter Reardon is enjoying every moment of his third  year at Palo Alto Senior High School, teaching English 9, American Literature 11 Honors, and AP English Language and Composition. He also advises the school’s chapter of Future Business Leaders of America and French club and teaches introductory French courses through Palo Alto Adult School. His approach to education focuses on concepts of productive, equitable organization of ideas, of things, and of people in the classroom. (Session D-06)

Reischl, Virginia: Virginia Reischl has been teaching English in the Capistrano Unified School District for fifteen years, the last four as the Secondary ELA Curriculum Specialist overseeing district common assessments and the implementation of newly adopted curriculum. She is currently working on her doctorate at Concordia University in Irvine, California with a research emphasis on teacher metacognitive awareness and literacy proficiency.   (Session E-08)

Roberson, Rachel: Rachel Roberson, KQED’s news education manager, helps bring KQED’s educational resources to teachers and classrooms. A former humanities instructor, Rachel was a Teacher Leader for English and social studies at public schools in San Francisco and Austin, Texas.  After eleven years in the classroom, Rachel worked in Oakland public schools as a Senior Program Manager for Reading Partners. A graduate of Northwestern University, Rachel was a journalist in the Bay Area before becoming an educator.   (Session F-13)

Rodriguez-Kam, Tamara: Tamara Rodriguez-Kam has been teaching at Buena Park High School in the Fullerton Joint Union High School District for twenty-four years.  She is currently serving as the ELA Department Chair and AVID Site Coordinator.  She is also an instructor in the BPHS Early College Program in partnership with Cal State Fullerton.  She has been a presenter at CATE before with a focus on strategies implementing multiple facets of the CCSS across content areas. (Session D-09)

Roles, Sidney : Sidney Roles has been an educator for four years. She has taught middle school English, both in California and Ecuador. She currently serves as a 7th grade Language Arts Teacher. (Session D-07)

Roseboro, Anna: Anna J. Small Roseboro, NCTE author, mentor and past president of CATE, brings to her session nearly four decades of classroom teaching and literacy leadership.  She has published several books on teaching English to students in middle school and beyond and currently serves as co-director of the NCTE Early Career Educators of Color Leadership Award. (Session E-04)

Rossetti, Jill : Jill Rossetti has over twenty years experience as a high school honors English teacher, has taught 9-12th, and has practiced knowledge in the areas of linked-learning/integrated instruction, team-teaching, project-based learning, and career-centered curriculum.  (Session D-10)

Rowlands, Kathleen: Kathleen is a Professor in the Department of Secondary Education at California State University, Northridge where she teaches courses in the Credential Program, the Master’s in English Education program, and coaches for the ERWC. Dr. Rowlands has been actively involved in English and English education for over 40 years and presents regularly at NCTE and CATE. She is also the author of multiple publications in professional journals and books. Affiliated with the National Writing Project since 1980, she now directs the Cal State Northridge Writing Project (Session E-02)

Schleicher, Al : Al Schleicher has taught secondary school English, journalism, as well as speech and debate for the past ten years. He has created an award-winning speech and debate program at his school.  He is a member of the National Speech and Debate Association with a focus on policy debate and extemporaneous speaking. He is currently pursuing doctoral studies at San Diego State University. (Session B-13)

Schooler, Michael: Michael Schooler has taught high school English for nineteen years, the last seven at Carondelet High School in Concord. He was Humanities Department Chair for ten years at St. Elizabeth High School in Oakland.  In his spare time he enjoys writing, traveling with his family and running ultramarathons.  (Session B-02)

Shableski, John: John Shableski is a nationally recognized expert in the graphic novel for the publishing industry His scope of expertise includes the development and history of the comics medium in literacy, educator and librarian professional development, library collection development, and business development.  He has helped launch industry-leading grant and awards programs, and has also created, produced and or moderated over 500 hours of professional development programs for educators, librarians, retailers, publishers and author/creators at industry trade shows, conferences and conventions across North America.   (Session F-15)

Shillingburg, Belinda  : Belinda Shillingburg is an 8th grade English teacher and the humanities department chair at James Denman Middle School in San Francisco. She comes to the Bay Area having taught in online, hybrid, and traditional schools from elementary to university level. She is currently pursuing National Board Certification and becoming a PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator. 

 (Session F-13)

Smith, Jackie: Jackie Smith has been teaching English for nineteen years. She is the Associate Director of Inquiry with the San Joaquin Valley Writing Project, and has the pleasure of working every day with students dedicated to becoming better critical writers, readers, thinkers and communicators.  (Session F-14)

Sprague, Tracy: Tracy Sprague teaches both AP and ELL classes at West Torrance High School. She works with teachers throughout her district to develop writing-filled, student-centered classrooms. (Session E-05)

Stanford, Jake: Jake Stanford has been teaching in the Palm Springs Unified School District for almost fifteen years, the last twelve at Palm Springs High School, where he celebrates student achievement first, and takes time “off” writing our WASC accreditation report second. He is a frequent presenter at CATE, as well as a professional writer and photographer. (Session B-15)

Street, Chris: Chris Street is a Professor of Secondary Education at California State University, Fullerton. A former Education Producer at Yahoo!, he has more than 20 years of experience teaching in face-to-face, hybrid, and online settings. Dr. Street directs a fully online masters program at CSU Fullerton. He is actively involved with Quality Matters, where he serves as a peer reviewer for online courses. Dr. Street has been intimately involved with ERWC since its inception, serving as a professional learning facilitator, advisory board member, and module developer. Dr. Street also maintains a robust research agenda in the area of teaching and learning in online settings, with a particular interest in developing online learning communities.   (Session E-03)

Szerencse, Ami: Ami Szerencse has been teaching for over twenty years.  Currently, she is an English and AVID teacher at Schurr High School for Montebello Unified School District. She is a both a Los Angeles Writing Project and UCLA’s California Reading and Literature Project fellow. (Session A-14)

Torina, Lisa: Lisa Torina has been teaching high school English in Santa Barbara County for twenty-one years. She taught for nine years at Dos Pueblos High School and has been teaching at Cabrillo High School for twelve years. (Session C-04)

Watson, Rachel: Rachel Watson has been teaching English in McKinleyville, CA since 2001, and began her role as an Instructional Coach in 2013. She is also a Redwood Writing Project Teacher Consultant, and recipient of one of CATE’s 2018 Awards for Classroom Excellence. (Session F-07)

Weinstein, Jack: Jack Weinstein taught for twenty years in Milpitas, until 1997, when he founded the regional presence of Facing History in Northern California. He has provided workshops and seminars throughout Northern California for more than twenty years. (Session E-15)

Wolfe, Jenn: Jenn Wolfe has taught middle and high school English for almost twenty years in the San Fernando Valley and has recently transitioned to her new position as Assistant Professor of English Education at Cal State Northridge. She is Co-Director of the Cal State Northridge Writing Project. (Session A-08, E-02)

Woolf, Jennifer: Jennifer Woolf is the founder of The Children’s Creative Writing Institute and She is the author of Adventures in Writing: A FUN Guide to Figurative Language, and The Magic Journal. She has a master’s degree in writing from the University of Southern California and is a Teacher Leader through the Cal State Northridge Writing Project. (Session B-01)

Younglove, Bill: Bill Younglove taught secondary English, split between middle and high school, for thirty-eight years. His interests include curriculum, assessment, literature, and Holocaust/Genocide Studies. (Session G-04)

Zarins, Kim: Kim Zarins, teaches medieval literature at Sacramento State University.  Dr. Zarins’s contemporary young adult novel, Sometimes We Tell the Truth (Simon & Schuster, 2016), retells Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales with teens telling tales to pass the time on an all-day bus ride to Washington D.C.  (Session D-13)