HOW DO I REGISTER? (links below)

We have a new online system (managed by eventPower) to register for our CATE 2019 Convention. Registration for the convention includes access to super sessions, workshops, major speakers, and the exhibit hall. Meal events are extra (or part of package registrations). We hope online registration will make it easier for you to:

  • verify your own registration
  • register as a group
  • order extra (guest) meals


Group Registration: If your school is sending multiple registrants, use this feature. You can set up a “point person” for initiating the group registration (this could be a school finance clerk or a lead teacher). The point person sets up the group payment, then can send a link to the rest of the group to enter their registrations.


Register by February 1 for the best rates. After February 1, registrations will still be accepted online as well as onsite at the Hyatt Regency SFO in Burlingame at the higher price.


CATE members get a $50 discount on registration, but you’ll need your membership #. You can find your CATE membership # and expiration date on your mailing label on the CATE 2019 Convention flyer, or on your mailing label on an issue of California English; If you can’t find your CATE membership number, you can e-mail our Membership Chair, Joan Williams, at


Decide which type of registration you want (see below). Remember, deduct $50 for current CATE members.


Packages, Days, and MealsCost
* Package A meals include: Thursday lunch, Friday lunch + dinner, Saturday lunch + dinner, Sunday brunch.
**Package B meals include: Friday lunch + dinner, Saturday lunch + dinner, Sunday brunch.
Package A (Thurs-Sun + meals)$605
Package B (Fri-Sun + meals)$500
Fri-Sun registration (NO meals)$240
Thurs + Fri-Sun (NO meals)$365
Thursday registration separately (includes lunch)$175
($125 when added to the 1-day Fri or Sat registrations)
1-day (Friday OR Sat/Sun) registration$180
Fri + Sat Lunches, Sunday Brunch$50 each
Friday + Sat Dinners$65 each


Ready to start? Click the links below:


Register as an attendee:


Register a group of teachers:


Please contact with any questions regarding your registration.

Registration is managed by eventPower.