California English Call for Manuscripts

November 2017 Issue

Due Date: October 1, 2017


Social psychologists Emanuele Castano and David Comer Kidd have conducted
experiments whose findings suggest that reading literary fiction improves our capacity for
understanding how other people’s beliefs and desires may be different from our own. How
have you used literature to teach empathy? What works have elicited particularly poignant,
surprising, and powerful responses from your students? Can reading books make us better
people? Have you found nonfiction texts that have had the same effect?

Manuscripts are peer reviewed. Please send submissions to California English editor, Carol Jago. Articles should be limited to 2,500 words. Please submit manuscripts via email to


February 2018 Issue

Due Date: January 1, 2018


Evaluating student progress is one of the most difficult aspects of teaching. Is it
possible to measure students’ understanding of a poem? This issue of California English
invites you to share the tools and techniques you use to assess student learning. What kind
of feedback results in continuous progress? How do you create authentic incentives that
engage students in the work at hand? How have external measures influenced your
classroom practice.

CATE Seeks Member Reps to CYRM

CATE is seeking two committed, motivated individuals to join the California Young Reader Medal committee as CATE representatives.

Volunteers should be prepared to read a large quantity of books across many different categories, and should be prepared to travel to three meetings per calendar year. CATE will reimburse airfare or mileage for travel to CYRM meetings.

These individuals will participate in the nomination process and award giving for the CYRM medal recipients for a term of three years.

If interested, contact Annie Gervais, CATE Board member and CYRM Liaison, at  Include “CATE CYRM” in the subject line.

Call for Presenters at CATE 2018 Convention

The Call for Presenters deadline was October 1. If you submitted a proposal, you will be contacted in mid-October. If you have any questions, email:

with Literacy & Justice for AllThe theme for the convention is “With Literacy and Justice for All.” We are looking for a variety of presentations to appeal to English language arts teachers across the state.

Thank you!

Convention Video

Have you ever been to a CATE convention? Here’s a primer – tips and tricks to help you

  • navigate to and through Registration
  • listen to the speaker at every meal event
  • decide which sessions you want to attend and plan your experience
  • figure out how things roll at the hotel and Convention Center

Watch this video for a great overall introduction to all things Convention!

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CATE Members:

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