2017-18 Creative Writing Contest for Students

Prompt: Considering the contest’s theme, With Literacy and Justice for All, write a poem, short story,
essay, or speech about a message that needs to be heard.

All entries must be sent to and judged in the local council where the teacher’s school is located before they are eligible for statewide consideration. See the flyer for counties and local contact information.

Deadline: November 1, 2017

Rules for both the writer and the teacher submitting the entry can be found on the writing contest flyer.

Winners from previous years are posted on the CATE Creative Writing Contest page.

CATE 2018 Professional Writing Contest

The theme of CATE 2018’s Convention is With Literacy and Justice for All.  How are the concepts of literacy and justice linked in your own day-to-day teaching?


Deadline for submissions: August 31, 2017

First Place:  One basic registration to CATE 2018 in San Diego, plus publication in California English and on CATEweb.org.

Second Place: One CATE membership, plus publication in California English and on CATEweb.org.

Directions for submitting the entry:

  • Include writer’s name, address, phone number, school and district, and email address.
  • Articles limited to 1500 words.
  • The deadline for submission is August 31, 2017.
  • Email manuscripts formatted in Microsoft Word to angus.dunstan@gmail.com.
  • Click on the Contest and Awards tab to read previous winners’ essays at CATEweb.org.

CATE Seeks Member Reps to CYRM

CATE is seeking two committed, motivated individuals to join the California Young Reader Medal committee as CATE representatives.

Volunteers should be prepared to read a large quantity of books across many different categories, and should be prepared to travel to three meetings per calendar year. CATE will reimburse airfare or mileage for travel to CYRM meetings.

These individuals will participate in the nomination process and award giving for the CYRM medal recipients for a term of three years.

If interested, contact Annie Gervais, CATE Board member and CYRM Liaison, at agervais451@gmail.com.  Include “CATE CYRM” in the subject line.

Call for Presenters at CATE 2018 Convention

Submit your proposal to present a session at CATE 2018 in San Diego.
The call for presenters is now open.


with Literacy & Justice for AllThe theme for the convention is “With Literacy and Justice for All.” We are looking for a variety of presentations to appeal to English language arts teachers across the state.

Thank you!

Convention Video

Have you ever been to a CATE convention? Here’s a primer – tips and tricks to help you

  • navigate to and through Registration
  • listen to the speaker at every meal event
  • decide which sessions you want to attend and plan your experience
  • figure out how things roll at the hotel and Convention Center

Watch this video for a great overall introduction to all things Convention!

Update Your Membership Information

Do you need to change your membership address? If you recently moved or changed your name, drop us a line to make sure your contact information is up-to-date. You can also update your current position, school or district, grade levels, etc.

Change of address form

How Do I Know If My Membership Is Current?

CATE Members:

Register as a Member if your membership expiration date is after February 16, 2017.

Membership number and expiration date are found above your name on the mailing label of California English. If you haven’t received a copy of California English in the last four months and your address has not changed, chances are your membership has expired. Plan to renew your membership when you register for Convention.

NCTE membership is NOT the same as CATE membership.