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California English, the journal of the California Association of Teachers of English, is published four times a year and features articles and research of interest to teachers of students from kindergarten to college. All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed. To submit to the journal, please contact Carol Jago at

About the Editor

Carol Jago

Carol Jago, Editor of California English journal

Carol Jago has taught English in middle and high school for 32 years and is associate director of the California Reading and Literature Project at UCLA. She served as president as National Council of Teachers of English and chairs the College Board’s English Academic Advisory committee. She has published many books with Heinemann including “With Rigor for All: Meeting Common Core Standards for Reading Literature”. She has also published books on contemporary multicultural authors for NCTE. Carol wrote an education column for the Los Angeles Times, and her essays continue to appear in educational journals and online forums. She edits the journal of the California Association of Teachers of English and worked on the planning committee for the 2009 NAEP Reading Framework and the 2011 NAEP Writing Framework. Carol was a member of the feedback committee for the Common Core State Standards initiative and serves on the PARCC technical advisory committee.

Call for Manuscripts

January 2017 Issue

Due Date: December 1, 2016

Making Independent Reading Work

Organizing an independent reading program can be a logistical nightmare. At the same time, if we don’t get to independence, we are unlikely to reach proficiency. How do you make time within your curriculum to promote and support self-selected reading? How do you hold students accountable? Where do your students have access to books? What motivates your students? What are the greatest challenges to making independent reading work?

April 2017 Issue

Due Date: March 1, 2017

Equity and Excellence: Our Ultimate Destination

According to The Equity and Excellence Commission, “Our education system is ever more segregated by wealth and income, and often again by race. Ten million students in America’s poorest communities are having their lives unjustly and irredeemably blighted by a system that consigns them to the lowest-performing teachers, the most run-down facilities, and academic expectations and opportunities considerably lower than what we expect of other students. These vestiges of segregation, discrimination and inequality are unfinished business for our nation. California English invites you to weigh in on this urgent issue.

Manuscripts are peer reviewed. Please send submissions to California English editor, Carol Jago. Articles should be limited to 2,500 words. Please submit manuscripts via email to